Detainees of the prison demands for rapid decision on their cases

  November 19, 2016 By: INSEC

The inmates and detainees of the district prison of Dang have demanded the concerned bodies to decide their cases rapidly. They have made demand with the representatives from office of the attorney general who were in the prison for the monitoring.

Most of the inmates complained that they are facing difficulties as their cases are being decided very slow. They have also complained that their daily allowances have not increased from the last eight years. and demanded for the increment.

Prison leader Dipalbesan  Oli demanded for the skilled training, books and newspapers in the prison. The team coordinator and sub-attorney general said that Tulsipur and Ghorahi prison have not given attention to the minimum needs of the prisoners.

There are 186 inmates and detainees in Tulisipur prison and 200 in Ghorahi prison according to jailer Nima Nanda Rijal.


J.N Sagar