Detainee Dies in course of treatment

  July 3, 2019 By: INSEC

Rahul Rajbhar, 25, a detainee in District prison of Guleriya from Bharat Motipurthana Nanapara , has died in course of treatment at Bheri Hospital on July 2 according to the prison administration.

Rahula had a health issue on June 1 and was treated in the prison by a team of health professional and was referred to District Hospital of Guleria.

He returned back to the prison after treatment however he again had a health issue and was again referred to Nepalgunj where he died in course of treatment according to jailer Dilli Chandra Poudel. He died of heart attack according to the health professional.

Rahul along with three others were sent to the prison and remanded in dacoit case on June 19. The postmortem of the body will be carried out in Nepalgunj Medical College according to jailer Paudel.

There are overcrowded inmates and detainees in Guleriya prison. The prison has a capacity to accommodate 125 inmates and detainees however there are 271 of them. The number of ailing patients are increasing in the prison according to the prison administration.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary