Deprived From School Due To Disability

  December 21, 2023 By: INSEC

25-year-old Binda Shrestha of Chautara Sagachokgadhi Municipality-7, Sanusiruwari is deprived of studying in school due to her disability. Binda expressed that she suddenly fell ill, and her left limb stopped moving when she was eight years old. Unfortunately, her school deprived her of the opportunity to continue studying, citing the age difference with other students.

Binda lost her mother two years ago, and her 72-year-old father is currently suffering from heart disease. Despite the challenges, Binda, holding an ‘A’ category disabled identity card, receives a monthly social security allowance of Rs 4000 provided by the government. She has to sustain her life with the same amount.

Being unable to use her left arm and leg, Binda expresses a desire to earn a living through other technical work. However, her wish remains unfulfilled due to the limitations imposed by her disability, preventing her from pursuing further education.

She spent two years in the hospital receiving treatment. After completing her treatment, she enrolled in the fifth grade at Siddhiganesh High School, Sanosiruvari, and resumed her studies. However, Binda Shrestha’s sister, Srijana Shrestha, revealed that after completing the seventh grade, the school encouraged Binda to pursue informal classes instead of continuing in regular school, citing a significant age difference between Binda and the other students. Binda Shrestha, expressing her pain, stated, “I am an orphan without a mother at home. I am now living a difficult life because they deprived me of studying. I feel that the future of my life is dark.”

Article 31 of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 provides for the right to education in which all citizens are guaranteed access to basic education. Similarly, it is stated that people with disabilities and economically disadvantaged citizens will have the right to receive free higher education according to the law. However, 25-year-old Binda Shrestha of Chautara Sagachowkgadi Municipality-7 is deprived of her right to education and her life is becoming difficult.

Natibabu Dhital