Depending upon Medicinal Herbs: lack of health posts

  April 23, 2019 By: INSEC

The locals of Saipal Rural Municipality-5, Nyuna are compelled to depend upon the medicinal herbs for their ailment as there are no health posts in this Rural Municipality. The locals are deprived of health services.

Locals had to walk for about three t four hours to reach Kanda Health Post and they have to depend upon the local medicinal herbs for the treatment.

Local Dudh Kala Devi said that she had to use local medicinal herbs for the treatment of her wound in the finger.

The infection on her finger is increasing as she does not have any option of treatment. She said that she had to walk four hours for treatment and had to depend upon herbs.

Chairman Rajendra Dhami of Saipal Rural Municipality committed to solve the issue by establishing health unit in the village with one assistant health worker and ANM.

Ramesh KC