Demise Of An Earthquake Victim Due to Cold

  January 8, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

One  more victim of the Jajarkot earthquake lost his life due to cold. 58-years-old Karna Bahadur Bishwakarma of Bheri Municipality- 1, Rawatgaun who had been living under the tarpaulin after the earthquake damaged his house,  lost his life due to cold on January 6, 2024.

Ruplal Bishwakarma, the deceased’s son said that Karna was taken to the District Hospital for treatment after he fell sick due to cold. However, he was referred to the Provincial Hospital, Surkhet and lost his life during the treatment.

After the earthquake, the citizens including ill, senior citizens, children and pregnant women had to lose their lives untimely due to staying under tarpaulin in the extreme cold.

Basudev Sharma