Demanded to Investigate the Incident of Inmate’s Death in Prison

  September 6, 2016 By: INSEC

The Discharged People’s Liberation Army(PLA) Nepal has demanded to investigate the death of its central secretary Sanjaya Jargha Magar (Kranti) inside Dilli Bazar prison due to the negligence of the prison.

The press released by Discharged People Liberation Army’s chairperson Lenin Bista on September 5 stated that Magar died in a conspirational way in a sensitive place and demanded for its investigation. The statement further demanded for the action against the guilt, justice and compensation to the victim’s family and announcing deceased as a martyr. Chairperson Bista said that Jarghamagar was a patient of pressure and he was not taken to the hospital despite of several request to the prison administration.

The statement also said that concerned bodies, Ministerial Office, prison administration, NHRC including all security guilds must take the responsibility of this incident.


INSEC Mid-regional office