Demand to Settle Conflict Related Incident “with Justice” within the Country

  September 7, 2016 By: INSEC

The Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) has demanded to address the conflict related incident as per the international principle of transitional justice with in the country in a justiciable way.

The committee releasing a press statement on September 7 said that the transitional justice process must follow international values and standards. It further demanded the transitional justice mechanism to be more victim-centric so that it can address grave human rights abuses and held the perpetrators accountable.

The committee has also urged government to give security of the victims and witnesses who were involved in the present case brought before the British Court.

The British Court has acquitted Kumar lama who was charged for giving torture during armed conflict.

This is the first case taking place outside the country on grave human rights violation during the armed conflict.

The committee said that the justice has been affected due to the failure of Nepal Government to fulfill its obligation under the Convention against Torture to provide enough and available evidence.

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