Demand to Resume the School

  January 12, 2023 By: INSEC

Human rights and child rights groups have demanded for the reopening of the Janata Secondary School of Dakneshwori Municipality-6, Kataiya Fatehpur, which has been closed for ten days.

The human rights and child rights group formed by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) in Dakneswari Municipality have requested the Education Development and Coordination committee to bring the school into operation as soon as possible.

Resume School

In the memorandum presented to the head of the committee, Rajdev Yadav, team has demanded to take necessary initiatives and bring the school into operation as soon as possible which couldn’t be done by the efforts of the local representatives.

They said that the closure of schools has deprived the students from their right to education and put their exams and future at stake. Chairperson of Human Rights Group, Chintamani Choudhary stated that the education of students should be regularized and their right to education should be protected.

Yadav, the head of the committee expressed grave concern in the matter and promised to resolve the issues by understanding it shortly. The groups have given their demand paper to National Human Rights Commission of Madhes Province, INSEC Madhes Procince Office and Education Branch of Dakneshwari Municipality.

The school has been closed since the January 2, 2023 after Devnarayan Yadav surrounded and closed the road, that was in operation since 1996. He stated that it is a numberi land. The closure of school has affected more than 550 students in the school.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel