Decayed Relief Returned By Locals

  April 12, 2020 By: INSEC

Locals blame the authorities of the Badimalika Municipality for distributing decayed relief materials bought from Nepal Food Corporation on 11 April 2020.

The local of Badimalika Municipality-4, Narendra Nath has blamed the authorities of distributing rotten rice-grains. The municipality had distributed six sacks of rice and all six were found decayed.

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The locals have requested the Municipality to take back the relief materials. Badimalika Municipality-4 had distributed 175 families with the relief, informed Chairperson of the municipality Surendra Nath.

They had distributed 20kgs rice to 30 families and 10kgs to 145 families. The rice distributed to the Olena Tole were in six sacks of 30kgs. The decayed rice was found only at Olena Tole. Though others did not get decayed rice but they were not worth eating.

 The municipality had bought 70 sacks of rice from the Nepal Food Corporation. These were distributed to the locals of ward no 4. According to Mekh Raj Ojha, Chief of Nepal Food Corporation, Bajura, some of the sacks may have been destroyed since they had sold the remaining rice of last year.

The rice was distributed after the permission of the Mayor of Badimalika Municipality. He says he was unaware of the fact that the rice was decayed. He has informed of returning the rice.

Chief District Officer Ganga Prasad Neupane also informed of being unaware and has instructed of returning the rice.

Padam Bahadur Singh