Decade-Long Wait for Relief Continues for Earthquake Victims

  October 20, 2023 By: INSEC

Almost a decade after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, 13 households in Syangja Galyang Municipality-10, Pakwadi, are still waiting for relief despite having received red cards.

These 13 families, who suffered earthquake damage on April 25, 2015, have expressed their grievances about not receiving any relief assistance, even though they possess red cards. The earthquake inflicted significant damage across Syangja, and Pakwadi village in Galyang was no exception. Situated approximately seven kilometers from Karadi on the Siddharth highway, the village was severely affected by the earthquake. The government had categorized the damaged houses to prioritize relief and reconstruction efforts. While many houses in the district have been rebuilt following the earthquake, these 13 families in Pakwadi have not received the relief assistance they are entitled to, as indicated by their red cards.

Uday Sarki, one of the earthquake victims, explained that, despite the government’s records showing that the victims have received all the installments necessary for reconstruction, these 13 families in Pakwadi have yet to receive the assistance they require to build permanent homes. They are unable to construct new houses without the necessary financial support.

Local residents Tulsi Ram Khanal and Seru Khanal have encountered similar challenges, emphasizing that the genuine victims have been deprived of relief because the earthquake-related grant aid could not be effectively distributed.

Muktiram Khanal, the ward president of Galyang-10, acknowledged the issue, stating that individuals who received red cards at the local level did not receive the relief they were entitled to. He mentioned that the ward office will take the initiative to address this problem and ensure that the affected families receive the assistance they require.

Samikshya Dhakal