DebateNote presented in court on Adhokari Murder Case

  October 21, 2016 By: INSEC

As per the order given by the Chitwan District Court on presenting written debate note to the court , all related advocates have presented their written notes to the court on October 21.

A single bench of justice Tek Narayan Kunwar had ordered to present a written debatennote in a court on September 27. Also, this case has been postpond until November 8.

Nine advocates from plaintiff and 13 from defendant have presented all written debate note according to information officer Krishna Prasad Baral of District court.

Krishna Prasad Adhikari  of Gorkha Phujel was abducted and murdered by former Maoist rebel during a conflict era while he was on the way to meet his grandparents at Ratna Nagar Municipality-13 in Chitwan.


Deependra Adhikari