Death of a Patient Due to Scarcity of Treatment

  June 22, 2021 By: INSEC

Baddhi Chhatyaal, 45, of Adanchuli Rural Municipality-5 died due to the scarcity of treatment.

The younger brother of Baddhi, Mohan Raj Chhatyaal alleged that the patient died due to the lack of medicine at Launthi Health Post. He was taken to the health post on June 14, 2021.

In a conversation with the INSEC representative, Mohan said that his brother was taken to the health post but he didn’t get the required medicine for stomach ache. The patient died on June 18, due to the lack of treatment.

He further said that it takes four days to reach the district headquarter ‘Simikot’ on foot. Also, he shared about the difficulties caused due to the prohibition order that has been implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In charge of the health post, Binod Budha said that the patient was referred to Kohalpur Medical College on June 17 as there was no medicine to reduce the pain in the health post.

According to the in-charge Budha, most of the health posts are facing a shortage of medicine and patients die due to scarcity of medicines at the health posts.

Chief of the District Hospital, Prem Singh, said that there is enough medicine in the district hospital but they are facing the problem of sending medicine due to continuous rainfall.

Adanchuli Rural Municipality Chairperson Dala Fadera said that 60% of the medicines are purchased by the rural municipality and 40% of medicines are to be provided by district hospital.

“Although the rural municipality has purchased enough medicine as per its necessity, the shortage was created because of the ongoing difficulties caused by COVID-19. They were unable to bring medicine from Kathmandu” said Chairman Fadera.

Nanda Singh