Dead Body of woman recovered: Suspicion of killing after rape

  May 30, 2019 By: INSEC

Police have recovered a dead body of 18 years old woman from Maharajgunj Municipality-7 on May 28. Police is in suspicion that she might have been killed after rape.

Locals informed the police after they saw a dead body of woman. The body sustains several bruises and her clothes are torn and her neck is strangulated according to the police.

The victim looks like she is from Madhesi Community however her identity is still unidentified according to inspector Surya Bogati. The preliminary investigation shows that she is killed after rape.

Police also said that the nature of the body shows that she attempted a retaliation however was killed after a gang rape. The Indian border is just one Km away from the incident site and police said that the woman can be from India however the investigation is undergoing. The body is kept at District Hospital for Postmortem according to the police source.


Nanda Ram Paudel