Dairy Farmers of Nawalpur Protested Over Unpaid Dues by Spilling Milk

  February 29, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

Dairy farmers of Nawalpur protested by spilling milk. The protest  was done in front of the District Police Office at Kawasoti by blocking the East-West Highway for an hour from 10 am to 11 am. The protestors demanded payment for milk.

During the protest, the Farmers expressed their dissatisfaction with the non-payment for milk and raised slogans against the government’s silence on the matter. They also demanded the end of the milk holiday and asked the government to take responsibility for the price and sale of milk.

About 50,000 liters of milk is being sold daily in Nawalpur. Gopal Shrestha, the Chairperson of District Milk Producers Cooperative Association Nawalpur, said that the milk producers had to protest because they did not get the payment for the milk sold through the local cooperatives.

Currently, 24 dairy cooperatives in Nawalpur district are selling milk. This involves over 12000 farmers.

The farmers faced difficulties as the cooperative did not receive payment for the milk they supplied to the dairies in Kathmandu.

Jyanu Pangeni