COVID Hospital of Mahottari Vandalized By Patient’s Family

  May 11, 2021 By: INSEC

The Covid Hospital located within the premises of the Provincial Hospital of Province 2, was vandalized on May 11, 2021.

According to Dr Pramod Yadav, Medical Superintendent of the Provincial Hospital, the relatives of the deceased covid patient vandalized the hospital after the patient’s death.

According to Dr Yadav, the group has vandalized three ventilators that were recently connected in the hospital. The vandalism caused damage of around Rs 15 million including three ventilators and other types of equipment connected to the hospital ward.


He added, “A 55-year-old covid patient was referred from Jaleshwor Hospital in Mahottari and was brought for treatment at around 5.30 pm this evening. However, he died shortly during the treatment. After receiving the news of his death, some people who were with the relatives of the deceased vandalized the hospital.

He said that the health workers had left the hospital after the incident of abuse and vandalism.

Health workers have said that they will not return to work until their safety is ensured.

Police have arrested two persons on the charge of vandalism. DSP Makendra Mishra of the District Police Office Dhanusha said that further investigation is underway into the incident.

Ajay Kumar Sah