Court Sentenced Alam for Lifetime Imprisonment, Victims gets Justice After 17 years

  April 26, 2024 By: INSEC

The District Court Rautahat sentenced Mohommad Aftab Alam of Rajpur Municipality-4, Rautahat,  Leader and Former Minister of Nepali Congress with four others to life imprisonment for the crime of killing on 25 April.

Advocate Pushpa Paudel, who had been advocating against Alam, said that the verdict had finally brought justice to the victims after 17 years. He added that the reports of INSEC, Nepal Bar Association and National Human Rights Commission have helped the victim to get justice. Paudel expressed that he faced numerous challenges in collecting evidence against Alam. The verdict has finally been made in favor of the victim despite the several attempts of the opponent to cover up the incident.

On the night of April 9, 2008, two people were killed and 23 injured when a bomb exploded at the home of Shesh Idris in Fardawa of Rajpur municipality. The incident happened when they were making bombs during the time of election. Idris was a  Leader of  Nepali Congress and Alam’s uncle.

Organizations including INSEC conducted a study of the incident and released a report on May 6, 2008. The report revealed that the injured and deceased individuals were burned in a brick factory to clear the evidence. Additionally, it was reported that Alam sent other injured individuals to unknown places in India for treatment to hide the incident. The report also included statements from the victims saying that their families were threatened against reporting about the incident.

Registrar Uddab Dodari informed that the bench of the  District Court Judge Matrika Prasad Acharya sentenced Mohommad Aftab Alam, his brother Mahatab Alam, Sesh Seraj, and Badri Sahani to lifetime imprisonment for the crime of killing 23 individuals brutally by burning them alive in the bricks factory.

The accused were sentenced to life imprisonment under the National Code (Muluki Ain) of 1963 AD. Additionally, Mukti Shah, another alleged accused, was acquitted. However, the case of Mohammad Movin, Shesh Faizal, Shesh Bhadai, Sagir Alam, Gaurishankar Shah, and Shesh Malakar who were involved in the incident  have been adjourned as they are still absconding.

Aftab Alam was arrested on October 13, 2019 for the charge of killing people by burning them alive in a brick factory.

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