Court Orders Life Imprisonment to the Guilty of Murder after Rape

  September 15, 2022 By: INSEC

The District Court of Darchula has sentenced Bhojraj Khadayat to life imprisonment for burning Anibha Khadayat, 45, to death after raping her. Anibha Khadayat was a resident of Shailyashikhar Municipality-1 and was the sister-in-law of the perpetrator.

Shrestedar Kaushal Gyawali said that the bench of District Judge Khemraj Bhatt had sentenced Khadayat to life imprisonment on September 14.

Khadayat was a single woman. She was raped and then burned to death.

Assistant District Attorney Lakshman Khanal said that while the culprit of the incident, has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of murder, seven years in the case of rape, one year in the case of incest and seven years in the case of robbery.

Since the deceased was a single woman, it has been ordered that the accused had to pay NPR 300,000 to her dependants.

Narendra Singh Karki