Court Orders Imprisonment of 10 Years and Six Months to the Guilty of Acid Attack

  August 27, 2021 By: INSEC

District Court of Dhanusha has ordered 10 and half years of imprisonment to the guilty of acid attack.

Sanjeev Sah, 25, of Janakpurdham Submetropolitan-20, Devpura Rupaitha was imprisoned for 10 years and six months jail term after he was proven guilty for an acid attack on his wife Aarati Sah, 21, and his four-year-old daughter Riya Sah.

Information Officer Gangakumar Mishra informed that Sanjeev was sentenced to a jail term on August 26, 2021. He was charged a compensation of NRs. 650,000 and was also fined the same amount.

It was alleged that the accused had attacked his wife and daughter with acid on November 14, 2020. The accused Sah was arrested by the police on the same day.

A single bench of Judge Krishna Murari Shivakoti had convicted Sanjeev on August 9, 2021. Nagendra Sah, a trader who sold acid to Sanjeev was exonerated.

After the incident, the Government Attorney’s Office had registered a charge sheet against Nagendra Sah and Sanjeev in the district court of Dhanusha, demanding a sentence of 15 years and six months.

Claims were made against both of them for the punishment of three offences including mutilation, face destruction, and integrated offences. Earlier, there were six trials in this case, but it was postponed citing various reasons.

Aarati lost her right eye and 25 percent of her body was burned, including her neck and chest while her daughter Riya has scars on her right hand and head due to the acid attack.

Meanwhile, the provincial government has provided financial assistance of NRs. 500,000 to Aarati Sah.

A cheque of NRs. 500,000 has been handed over to victim Sah in the presence of Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut and Social Development Minister Nawal Kishor Sah.

Dipendra Prasad Singh