Court Orders Eight Years’ Imprisonment to the Guilty of Rape

  April 27, 2021 By: INSEC

The District Court has ordered eight years’ of imprisonment to Santa Hang Limbu, known as Santa, 23, of Fidim Municipality-7 for raping a 19-year-old girl.

A bench of Judge Yogendra Prasad Shah found him guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment on April 26, 2021, said Chitrakhar Adhikari, information officer of the court.

Jailer Surendra Mukhiya informed that the convict was taken to the district jail as per the court order.

The victim had lodged a complaint at the District Police Office on April 13, 2020, accusing the Limbu of raping the girl.

The accused was arrested by the police on October 29 and a case of rape was registered in the district court.

The accused was remanded in custody for trial on the order of District Court Judge Mohan Raj Bhattarai on November 30.

The victim was examined at the District Hospital on October 29.

Mangal Begha