Couple Killed, Accused Unknown

  June 8, 2023 By: INSEC

According to police, Tilakraj Bhediar, 51, and his wife Nirmala Bhediar, an unknown accused killed 50, of Pratappur rural municipality-8, Berihawa, on June 6, 2023, while they were sleeping in a cow shed, near their house.

Regarding the incident, the aggrieved party filed a complaint at the local police office, Belatari, on June 6.

Binod Silwal, SP of the District Police Office, said the couple were tending after their field and cattle and were spending a night in their cow shed on their farm and a few kilometers away from their home.

The killer burnt the body after killing them. According to SP, Silwal, a team including a trained police dog is investigating the. The post-mortem of the body was conducted on June 6, at Prithvichandra District Hospital, Parasi.

Narayan Parajuli