Corona Virus: Status Update of Province 2 of 12 April

  April 13, 2020 By: INSEC

There are 3285 quarantine beds in eight of the eight districts under the province 2. So far, 125 people have been kept in quarantine. According to the doctor’s advice, 1334 were reported in home Quarantine. The capacity of isolation in the state is 220 beds. Seven persons have been kept in isolation in Siraha, 6 in Dhanusha, 15 in Sarlahi, 35 in Rautahat, 14 in Bara and 3 in Parsa in the province. The information was given through a media briefing by the Ministry of Social Development of the province on 12th of April.

Swabs of 363 suspected coronary virus in quarantine and isolation from different parts of the province have been collected. Out of which, the report of 135 people has been negative.

According to the state government, surveillance of 21 Indian nationals in the mosque at Chhapkaya at Birgunj Municipality-1, Parsa district, has been positive after reports of corona infection of three Indian nationals have been reported.

The Coronavirus transmission prevention, control and treatment fund established by the Province 2 government has so far collected Rs. 1,164,7000.

According to INSEC Saptari District Representative Manohar Kumar Pokhrel, a rapid test ‘Rapid Diagnostic Test’ (RDT) has been started in Saptari on 12th of April, despite the increased risk of coronavirus (COVID-19). Although the government decided to do ‘Rapid test’, the Ministry’s team with the test kit came only on April 12, and the test was started immediately after the arrival of kit.

During the first test, a report of four persons from Quarantine located in Rajbiraj and two who came to the ‘fever clinic’ to be examined was examined negative.

Suspected individuals with possible symptoms can be assessed within 15 minutes using a kit to determine if the corona has been infected or not. Four hundred kits have been brought to Saptari for health officials, one hundred for Kanchanpur health post and one hundred and sixty for Rajbiraj-based hospital.

The report is expected to ease treatment soon after the trial begins in Saptari. Public felt some relief after the rapid test. As the number of people returning to Quarantine in Saptari continues to increase, the number of Quarantine residents is decreasing. Four men were added to the quarantine on April 12 after the 16 men returned home from quarantine, the number of people living in the quarantines has reduced to five women and 215 men. On 10th April, 6 women and 227 men were in quarantine. Saptari has 587 beds in 32 quarantines operated by 18 local governments.

Chief executive officer of ward no. 4, Tej Narayan Yadav and executive director of Mahuli Small Financial Corporation handed over the cheque to the village council president Prashantaram Chaudhary, on 12 April in the emergency fund of Agnisair Krishnasaravan rural Municipality. The villagers are providing relief of 15 kg of rice, 2 kg of pulses, 1 kg of salt and 1 litre of food per family. National Assembly Member Suman Raj Pyakurel has provided 1,000 masks, 5 litres of sanitizer and 2 sets of PPE to same rural municipality on 12th of April.

According to INSEC Siraha District Representative Durga Pariyar, DSP Binod Ghimire of the District Police Office, Siraha, said that the suspected patients were being monitored in Quarantine. According to him, some people have already settled in Quarantine, and as of April 12, there have been 12 females, 119 males.

DSP Binod Ghimire of the District Police Office said that 11 motorbikes and three trucks, including 14 vehicles and 30 persons, were taken under control for the necessary action on the charge of violating lockdown on 12th April.

According to Khemnand Bhushal, chief administrative officer of Lal Municipality, relief work for Dalits, poor, wage earners is underway due to lockdown.

According to INSEC Dhanusha District Representative Dipendra Prasad Singh, Nepal Bharat Mahila Maitriya Samaj has assisted the state government on 12 April 2020 for Rs. 10 lakh. Chanda Chaudhary, president of the society and member of the House of Representatives, has handed over the contents to Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut. The health items transferred to the Chief Minister’s residence contained PPE 150 bags, Globes 4250 set, sanitizer of 500 ml; 84 bottles, spray tanks 10 set and surgical mask of 2000 set. According to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, health supplies will be sent to different hospitals in the province. Police have set up additional checkpoints along the border after the Nepal-India border did not prevent them from coming to Nepal. The state police have constructed an additional 229 checkpoints in the border area. There are 100 checkpoints among eight district of about four hundred kilometres difference in border area but still, people are violating the government’s third phase of lockdown, which does not prevent Indian from coming to Nepal and from Nepal to India.

According to INSEC Mahottari District Representative Ajaykumar Sah, the quarantine number in the district has been increased to 330 beds. Of which, 82 are in quarantine and 818 are in-home quarantine. Similarly, no one has been in isolation since the isolation bed number is 26, said Ram Prasad Ghimire, secretary of the Ministry of Social Development, in a media briefing on Coronavirus on 12th of April.

Food items have been distributed as relief to the poor, poor and poor families of the Aurahi municipality-8.

Relief distribution was made in the presence of local police representatives including local police representatives, Ramgopalpur area police office.

According to INSEC Sarlahi District Representative Budhan Sah, Birendra Prasad Singh, who was elected to the Province member from Sarlahi Region No. 4, provided health materials to his constituency’s health institutes and quarantines to protect the people from the coronavirus infection. Provincial Assembly member Singh has provided health supplies to some quarantines including Hajaria, Sundarpur Chuharwa, Basbaria Rural Municipality and Godata Municipality’s Ramvan Health Post in Barathwa Municipality.

He had distributed 44 sets of PPE, 2500 set gloves, 25 Bottle Sanitizer and 200 Surgical Masks in his investment in 22 health posts and some quarantines under his constituency

According to INSEC Rautahat District Representative Kopila Timilsina, Municipality chief Ajay Kumar Gupta said that the city was being sanitized to protect Gaur from Corona after three coroners were found infected in Birgunj, Parsa. Gupta informed that the city chief had started sanitizing Nepal Bharat Bodar Customs in Gaur Municipality on 12th April.

Chandrapur Municipality-4 of Rautahat has distributed relief material to the most disadvantaged families after the lockdown by the government, starting on 11th April, for those who are working daily wages. In the first phase, relief goods were distributed to 521 households in Chandrapur Municipality-5 and the plan is to distribute them gradually to others, said Sanjay Kafle, chairman of the ward. Distributed relief material consists of rice 30 kg, lentils 3 kg, oil two litres, 4set soap. Earlier, ward no 3 of Chandrapur municipality has distributed relief material.

According to INSEC Bara District Representative Bholanath Poudel, there are 122 people in the quarantine constructed in the district.

Following the lockdown announced by the Government of Nepal to prevent and control the Coronavirus, 570 families of Kalaya sub-metropolitan city-21 have been deprived of access to daily consumables for the disabled, children, senior citizens, women and very poor families at home. So that the relief materials for those are distributed consisting of gram, potato, salt, oil and soap.

Similarly, relief has been distributed to 272 highly disadvantaged households of Jitpur sub-metropolitan city- 3 on Wednesday, said Jagaranath Ghimire. Likewise, relief has been distributed to 700 poor families affected by the lockdown at Jitpur -7.

24 Muslim missionaries from Chhapakaya and Ghusukpur mosque came to Narayani Hospital for screening on 10th April. The doctor collected their swab and sent it to the laboratory of the Ketogenic Disease Research Training Center in Hetauda-10. Police have placed Quarantine among others at Chopkaya’s mosque after reports of three of the three appeared suspicious. They have been sent to Quarantine established at Siddhartha Mavi in Birgunj. According to reports of three of them, the coronavirus (COVID- 19) was positively suspected to be positive, the hospital has brought the three out of the mosque and put them in isolation.

The Narayani Hospital administration on Wednesday night informed that all OPD services except Emergency were closed indefinitely after the corona infection was found positive. Birgunj Municipal Corporation has arranged separate quarantine for doctors, health workers and security personnel involved in the treatment of corona infections. In the Hotel Country Inn of Birgunj, accommodation for doctors, health workers and security personnel has been arranged, said Bijay Sarawagi, chief of Birgunj Municipality. Middle Tarai people are worried after the Coronavirus infection was detected in three people. Doctors have appealed for alertness rather than anxiety.

The team involved in the Nepal Police, Armed Police and Nepalese Army has studied the area of Chhapakaya and sealed the Chhapakaya area. Relations with the tribes in that area have begun to search intensively on their communication connection on this period so far. Investigation into the travel history of those who came to the mosque has also been launched, the local administration said.

Three Indian nationals infected with Corona are currently undergoing treatment in the isolation ward of Narayani Hospital. Three Indians have been confirmed to have corona infection, with the concerned body in Birgunj activating. The local administration has focused on contact tracing of the Indians. Narayani Hospital physician further explained that there is a need to fill in the surrounding and perform screening and testing at the earliest, focusing on the community can affect the Chhapakaya area.

There is only one ventilator at Narayani Hospital. Four ICUs are provided and Isolation Ward is 25 beds. Narayani Hospital has received 300 rapid test kits, District Public Health Office and National Medical College have been given 100 sub-rapid test kits.

Province 2 Office, INSEC