Corona Virus: Status of Province 2

  April 3, 2020 By: INSEC

It is seen that the number of people coming from abroad are increasing in the quarantine established in different districts for the prevention and control of Corona Virus (Covid-19). Our District Representatives (DR) have informed of shortage of medicines and people are facing difficult time due to the lockdown.

According to Manohar Pokhrel- DR of Saptari A hospital in Rajbiraj has started ‘fever clinic’ since 22 March 2020 and upto 1 April, total 187 patients- 66 female, 85 male, 17 girls and 19 boys have had their check-ups. Out of them 28 are in home quarantine, 13 are in local government’s quarantine. On 1 April, 18 visited the hospital- six female, seven male, three girls and two boys, but none of them are the suspects of Corona, informed medical recorder Shrawan Sada. The health workers have access to masks, gown, goggles, sanitizers and gloves.

Self-Isolation wards in Saptari

There are 56 isolation wards in four hospitals of Saptari. Following is the state:

  • Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital- 6
  • Chhinnamasta Hospital- 20
  • Rupani Hospital- 20
  • Thakodevi Jogendra Bhagat Area Police Hospital- 10

ICU Facilities:

  • Chhinnamasta Hospital and Unique Hospital.

Currently, Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital has required health equipment for the doctors and health worker. Corona suspects can be treated in isolation ward.

Ministry of Health and Population Kathmandu’s Inventory Management’s Head Office has send 20 PPE sets, 100 gowns, 5000 masks, 5 bottle sanitizers to the hospital. They also have supplies of 9 PPE sets sent from Health Service Department, Teku and 15 sets PPE sent by Chaudhary Groups. They also have 2 sets PPE for the Lab Technicians.  They already have 46 sets of PPE and 100 sets of gowns that is being used by the doctors treating the patients kept in isolation. For alternative, they have 46 sets of raincoats, 56 sets cloth gowns, caps, gumboots and goggles

Saptari Quarantine has 211 people including 11 female

There are 200 male and 11 female kept in isolation. They all came back from abroad. People coming back from India are also added in the quarantine now.

Isolation Data:

  • Sakardahi School- 10 male
  • Community Building of Kanchanrup Municipality 11- 1 female and 11 male
  • Laxminarayan Secondary School- 23 male
  • Durga Basic School- 2 female and 7 male
  • Chandra Namuna School- 2 female and 17 male
  • Kacha Secondary School- 5 male
  • Health Post of Khadak Munucipality 9- 3 male
  • Masilal Secondary School- 1 male
  • Sai Krishna Medical College and Hospital- one female and 12 male
  • In the residence of Islam Miya of Rajbiraj Municipality 4- 7 male
  • Health Post of Balan Bihul Rural Municpality 1- 14 Male
  • Chaurasia Dharmashala- 3 female and 14 male
  • Old age home of Tilathi Koiladi rural Municipality 1- 12 male
  • Laxmi Ballav Narsingh Secondary School- 7 male
  • Janachetana Secondary School- 2 female and 18 male
  • Janata Secondar School- 9 male
  • Nara Bahadur Thapa Secondary School- 7 male
  • Secondary School Bathanaha- 2 Male
  • JS Secondary School- 2 male
  • Saraswoti Janata Secondary School- 6 male
  • Jamuni Maghepura Secondary School- 2 male
  • Janata Basic School- 10 male
  • Secondary School Terahauta- 1 male

By the end of 2 April 2 female and 43 male were added, 15 male were discharged. There are 29 quarantine spots in Saptari, including all 18 local level hospitals, health posts, schools and community building.

Saptari has 495 Quarantine wards

There are 29 places with 495 wards for quarantine. This number was increased observing the growth in people coming back from India.

Quarantine Capacity Data:

  • Sai Krishna Medical College and Hospital- 25
  • Laxmi Narayan Secondary School- 25
  • Badaga Health Post- 10
  • Sarwodaya Secondary School- 12
  • Durga Basic School- 12
  • Shankar Basic School- 12
  • Kacha Secondary School- 5
  • CChandra Namuna Secondary School- 25
  • Jivan Deep Hospital- 5
  • Health Post of Khadak Municipality 9- 20
  • Buddhilal Bidhya Munar Model Secondary School -10
  • Masilal Secondary School- 20
  • Sakardahi School- 20
  • Community Building of Ward 11- 30
  • Gobaij Secondary -21
  • Janata Secondary School -21

There have constructed and operated 222 more quarantine wards.

According to Budhan Sah- DR of Sarlahi there are 12 individuals who have returned from India on 31 March and are stuck at Sitamadhi border’s Sonbarsa. They are sent for health check-up by the SSB. They are now at Rajakiya Middle School. The locals are managing food for them.

 Health Check-up at Sarlahi for brick factory labourers coming from different places

There are 231 brick factory labourers coming from Barthawa Municipality ward- 1, 2, 3,4,14 and 15 who were sent for health checkup on 1 April. All of them were checked by the thermogun and were sent back home. One of them, a child, had a mild fever and was sent for home quarantine. They were helped by the staffs of Advance Sanjeevani Hospital and Barthawa Primary Treatment Centre. There are 207 brick factory labourers kept in home quarantine, who have returned from Kathmandu and Chitwan on 1 April. There are quarantine with capacity of 27 people in Barhathawa Municipality.

According to Ajay Kumar Sah- DR of Mahottari 25 Indian Citizens are stuck at Bardibas without food. They were stuck due to lockdown and are regular chicken vendors of that place. After the lockdown they had buried 8000 chickens since they were able to feed them. They are stuck without food and are struggling for survival.

According to KC Lamichhane- DR of Parsa 11 people arrested from Sugauli Rural Municipality- 1 Kanchanpur are kept in quarantine at Siddhartha Secondary School of Birgunj ward 13. They were arrested for being involved in the Nijamuddhin Mosque’s gathering and are suspected to intrude back to Nepal. But they claim of not being in Delhi. These people were found being involved in different Islamic gatherings recently. All of them are originally from Rautahat. Also there are 17 more who returned from India and are kept in Nichuta quarantine. Except this there are three in quarantine at Pokhariya and two at Pakaha.

According to Durga Pariyar- DR of Siraha there is lack of basic medicines after the lockdown. Medicines for diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid are out of stock. This is affecting the regular medicine consumers. The local government is managing the medicines in coordination with the medicine vendors.

According Bhola Nath Paudel- DR of Bara the hospitals are not admitting cancer patients. Also on 20 March, National Hospital Birgunj did not allow Arjun Kumar Baitha (25) to enter the hospital since he had high fever. BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital denied admitting patient since hospitals had risk of Corona. National Medical Hospital denied treating a patient with high fever counting it to be a symptom of Corona. The higher authorities of the hospital claim of admitting extremely serious cases.

Status of Corona Virus in Bara

There are 11 Islamic preachers arrested after returning from India and kept in quarantine. They were in India for 40 days. There are 233 quarantine wards in this district. There are 31 isolation beds.

For the prevention and control of Corona Virus, Saroj Yadav, Speaker of the House of Provincial Assembly and Jitendra Sonal, Physical Infrastructure Development Minster distributed medical equipment to Kalaiya Hospital on 2 April. They distributed 30 sets PPE, 400 pair gloves, 100 sets masks and also they distributed 20 sets of PPE, 100 pair gloves, 500 masks to the District Public Health Office.


Province 2 Office, INSEC