Construction Work of Nagdhunga Tunnel Obstructed by Locals Over Drying Water Sources and Not Getting Compensation

  March 1, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

The locals have been obstructing the completion of construction of the long awaited Nagdhunga tunnel by expressing many problems and demands.

Stakeholders said that the government is not attentive towards solving the problem of the locals which is why they are up to blocking the construction of the tunnel and  making various demands.

When the work of the 2,688 meter tunnel was about to be completed, the locals on the Kathmandu side of the tunnel obstructed the work.

Locals of Chandragiri Municipality-1 Dahachowk Totitole  obstructed the construction work saying that about 7 meters long land was damaged near the entrance of the tunnel and the government has not yet given compensation.

Although the ‘breakthrough’ of the Nagdhunga tunnel construction work was said to be on March 6, it is certain that the tunnel will not be operational at that time due to the obstruction of the locals.

Senior Division Engineer Govinda Dumaru has confirmed that the ‘breakthrough’  scheduled for March 6 will not take place due to ongoing social issues and unresolved compensation problems.

He mentioned that they are facing challenges in resolving the issue as the locals obstructed the project due to the water source drying up on the east side of the tunnel route and their houses being in trouble due to the tunnel digging.

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