Constitution Amendment Draft Committee Formed

  September 5, 2016 By: INSEC

The federal alliance meeting along with Joint Democratic Madhesi Forum in coordination of Sadbhavana Party’s sub- chairperson Laxman Lal Karna has formed 11 member Constitution amendment draft committee. The committee was formed in a meeting held on September 4 at party office in Tinkune.

The committee comprises of vice chairman Brishesh Chandra Lal of Madhes Decocratic Party, vice chairman Lal Babu Raut of Federal Socialist Forum, general secretary Keshav Jha of National Madhes Socialist Party and chairman Kumar Lingden of Federal Limbuwan Party.

The committee was formed with Joint democratic Madhesi Morach and Federal alliances representatives according to Party’s general secretary Keshav Jha.

Similarly, the meeting has also decided to organize tribute assembly  program on September 20 in memory of martyr of Madhes agitation.


INSEC Regional Office, Kathmandu