Conflict Victims Request INSEC to Initiate For Justice

  August 9, 2016 By: INSEC

A conflict victim Bhai Kaji Gurung, 55 of Bhotenamlang VDC-8 has requested INSEC district representative to initiate for justice for him. He said, he did not know about the elapse of complaint lodging process at TRC.

In 1998 March 27, during armed conflict, he was arrested by Area Police Office of Melamchi from his house and was severely tortured for two days and in 2002 July 26, he was again arrested by the then army while he was sleeping and was tortured for a month according to Gurung.

He said that he received the TRC form through local peace committee only on July 30, 2016 and by the time he received it, the time had already elapsed.

Gurung, who came to the district headquarter after walking for two days said that there are many other conflict victims in the village who are left.

The Local Peace Committee of Sindhupalchok said that there are total of 631 complaints lodged through the committee for TRC and CIED.

Among which 36 are lodged at CIED. On August 9, a press meet was organised in order to discuss and address such problem.

Nati Babu Dhital