Conflict Victim Urged INSEC to Initiate Assistance for Justice

  May 24, 2024 By: INSEC

Bhim Bahadur Shrestha of Chautara, Sangachowkgadhi Municipality-8, who faced disability by breaking his leg during the armed conflict, has requested the District Representative of INSEC, Sindhupalchok to initiate justice through an application on May 23. He in the application stated that he has not received justice yet and urged for relief.
Victim Bhim Bahadur shared about his story and told INSEC that when he was at home on February 15, 2001, a group of then CPN-Maoist members came and took him some distance away from his house, they tied both his hands behind his back, placed both his legs on a stone, and hit him brutally.  His relatives subsequently took him to B&B Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment on February 16. Bhim Bahadur,expressed that he was treated at the B&B Hospital for three years but did not receive any financial help for his medical treatment from anywhere.
Bhim Bahadur further added that he knew four people who were involved in the incident, one of whom was an MP and another a minister. Even now, they are walking openly with no fear.
The incident left Bhim Bahadur facing disability, unable to walk properly. Additionally, he has to take medicine daily, has no source of income, and has not received any relief yet. He said that he has not received justice despite reaching out with various bodies, including the District Administration Office, Police Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Human Rights Commission, and Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Therefore, he requested INSEC to take the initiative for justice.

Natibabu Dhital