Complaint Registered Against Chairperson of Rural Municipality on Caste-Based Discrimination.

  March 29, 2023 By: INSEC

A complaint has been registered against Ugranarayan Yadav, 49, chairperson of Bhagwanpur Rural Municipality, at District Police Office Siraha, on 28 March 2023, on charges of caste discrimination and untouchability.

Shiv Dayal Sada, Bindeshwar Mandal, and 12 people of Bhagwanpur Rural Municipality -1 filed a complaint on 21 Match with District Police Office Sirha.

Yadav invited individuals from the Yadav community, Giri community’, Bengali community’, ‘Rajput community’, ‘Muslim community’, ‘Sudi community’, ‘Paswan community’, and ‘Ram community’. ‘, ‘Khatve Khadg Community’, ‘Saday Community’, ‘Vishwakarma Community’, and ‘Das-Amatya Community’ to the religious feast was organized for the last rites of Yadav’s mother. He had arranged placards and segregated individuals from each community.

Ravin Mahara, secretary of the United Dalit Morcha, said that Dalit communities protested against the same incident and filed a complaint at the local level.

In protest against the incident, the National Dalit Commission published a statement on 9 March, demanding that the accused be taken into custody and action be taken.

Devaraj Bishwakarma, the chairman of the commission, drew attention to the fact that whoever violated the law should be punished. The act of segregating individuals from the community is blatant discrimination.

According to District Police Office Siraha DSP Ravindairaj Pandey, they have registered a complaint against Yadav and proceeded with the legal process.

Yadav said that he was busy with the last rites and had given the management committee the task of managing the feast. He said that he is saddened by the committee’s error and had no intention of tampering with it.

Durga Pariyar