Cast-based discrimination in school during admission campaign

  May 20, 2019 By: INSEC

The enrollment campaign at Namuna Lower Secondary School near ward police office in district headquarter of Chainpur is affected after the locals denied admitting their children saying that all the management committee including principal being from Dalit Community.

The school is established not only for the Dalit community however local non-Dalit community are showing apathy on enrolling their children in the school operated by the Dalit Community. The Dalit community accused non-Dalit community of being discriminatory.

The school is operating the class up to sixth standard and students from non-Dalit community are not enrolling their children in this school.

Every year more than 95% students from Non-Dalit community are enrolling in the school according to the school data.

The teachers and management committee said that due to the prevailing conservative thinking and ill-practices in the society, students from non-Dalit community are nor enrolling in the school. The way of looking Dalit is still different in the society.

Students from Wadi, Kami, Sunar, Rasaili and Damai community are enrolled in the school. The parents from non-Dalit community however are saying that they are not enrolling their children in the school as there are no standard on teaching.

Principal Gajendra Rasaili of the school said that from the last 17 years he is facing cast-based discrimination in the school.

He added “I am working as a principal of the school from the last 28 years. We have been operating various program to attract students however students from non-Dalit community denies to enroll in the school”.

He said that due to the cast-based discrimination, majority of parents do not want their children to get enroll in the school.

The school was established in 1984 and at first there were majority of students from Non-Dalit community however the number gradually declined as time passed on.


Ramesh KC