Complaint Lodged by Victim For Expulsion From House

  September 9, 2016 By: INSEC

Rahamatun Nisha,30 of Bairgiya Laxmaniya-1 has lodged a complaint at Women and children service center of the district on September 9 against her husband Sesh Jumshaid,35 for giving divorce to her following a Muslim culture before expelling her from the house.

The victim said that on August 26 her husband spell “Talak” three times in front of locals and expelled her from the house. In Muslim religion when husband spells “Talak” for three times, the couple is divorced.

After the incident, the victim is taking shelter in her paternal home along with three children. She complained that her husband used to give her mental and psychological torture in many other occasion.

SP Janak Bhattarai of DPO Mahottari said that there is no immediate legal bindings in “Talak” and further  showed his commitment on providing justice to the victim.


Ajaya Kumar Shah