Complaint lodged against witchcraft allegation

  May 2, 2019 By: INSEC

The victim’s party of 53 years old Chabi Kumari Lamsal of Nilkantha Municipality-9, Palpabhanjyang municipality have lodged complaint at District Police Office against Geeta Adhikari,32 of the same place on charge of beating in an allegation of being witch.

The victim was being tortured by the accused since three years by alleging her of being witch according to the victim’s party.

The victim said that she was injured by pelting stone by the accused few weeks ago and complaint was lodged at police office against the accused demanding the security.

The case was attempted to be settled within the village in condition of bearing treatment cost to the victim however the accused refused to pay the treatment cost and the party was bound to lodge complaint at DPO.

The victim received the treatment at District hospital and police said that the incident is under the investigation.


Sita Ram Adhikari