Complaint Filed by a Victim of Domestic Violence in Support of INSEC

  February 24, 2023 By: INSEC

Victim of Domestic Violence, Binu Chaudhary, 28, of Banganga Municipality-4, has lodged a case at the District Court in support of INSEC on 23 February.

Victim filed a case against husband Bibek Malla, 29, father-in-law Manu Malla, 52, mother-in-law Anju Malla, 48 and brother-in-law Ashim Malla, 26, at Kapilvastu District Court.

The accused and victim had tied knots on 13 March 2018. After a year, husband migrated to a foreign country in search of employment. As per the victim, the accused had sent limited amount two to three times in the course of two years of his stay there.

Victim informed, the Husband went contact-less with the her and her daughter. In laws then started mistreating her. She was deprived of food, treatment costs, citizenship and birth certificated. She was also tortured mentally, physically and economically during this period.

She stated that all the medical, food and living expenses were borne by her maternal side. Further, she shared that the in-laws didn’t give her money easily. She would be mistreated prior receiving money from them. The last time she had asked for money with her in-laws was on 14 February 2023 when she was tortured mentally.

Victim had filed an appeal on 14 February seeking economic support to lodge a case at a human rights group, Kapilvastu formed by INSEC. The group then recommended the case to INSEC on 15 February while victim herself submitted an application at INSEC on 16th.

Bases on the complaint filed by the victim, INSEC district representative Parvati Acharya assisted her in the registration of separation and property case at the district court in coordination and cooperation with the district legal aid committee.


Parbati Acharya