Complaint Filed Against the Accused of Caste Based Discrimination.

  December 24, 2022 By: INSEC

Bir Tiruva, 35, a journalist at Saha Khabar Online, human rights activist, and a resident of Raskot Municipality-5, was allegedly discriminated based on his caste by Ashok Shahi, 30, his wife Savina Shahi, 27, Pashuveena Shahi (Priya), 24, and Maina Shahi, 27, of Raskot Municipality-1. The victim filed a complaint at the District Police Office, Kalikot, on  December 23.

The victim has alleged that the accused abused and insulted the victim by using ‘discriminatory words’ in a public place on December 23. In addition, the accused have said that they used various obscene words of caste based discrimination through the social network Facebook.

DSP Jaishwar Rimal of the District Police Office told the INSEC representative over the phone that the incident is under investigation on the complaint of caste discrimination and harassment.

Article 40 of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 provides Dalit rights and Article 24 provides rights against untouchability and caste discrimination.

In the same way, pursuant to section 166 of Criminal Code 2074, a person who commits caste based discrimination and untouchability, is liable for the  imprisonment  not exceeding three years or  fine not exceeding 30 thousand rupees or both.

Kali Bahadur Malla