Case Filed Against Accused of Domestic Violence

  March 16, 2022 By: INSEC

Nirmala Rawal (Oli), 25 of Gurans Rural Municipality-6 has filed a case at the District Court against her husband Lok Bahadur Oli, 29, on the charge of evicting her from the house after beating. The complaint was filed on March 15, 2022.

They were married seven years ago and have a five-year-old son. According to the victim, her husband has provided birth registration certificate to their son but has not provided her a citizenship and marriage certificate.

The victim has been living at her parents’ house at Dungeswar Rural Municipality-3 and her son has been living with a relative at Kohalpur for his studies.

Under-secretary Indra Bahadur Karki told that investigation has started for the case.

The cases of domestic violence are decided after the evidence are obtained by the court within 21 days with a written copy of the reply of the accused along with the photocopy of the complaint filed by the victim. The cases can be sent to the reconciliation centre for reconciliation but if the cases are not reconciled then on the basis of the collected evidence, the judge gives a verdict.

If the cases are not reconciled, about six months is given to the victim and the accused to gather witnesses, to take the statements of both and for the court to reach a verdict. Since the court process takes a long time, most of the cases are reconciled in the presence of the police.

Amar Sunar