Complaint Filed Against Alleged Accused of Beating

  June 19, 2024 By: INSEC

Som Kumari Rai, 29, of Sabhapokhari Rural Municipality, filed a complaint against Bhim Bahadur Limbu, the Chairperson of Sabha Pokhari Rural Municipality, accusing him of beating her. The victim claimed that Chairperson Limbu visited her house on June 17 and beat her over the issue of the installation of an electric pole. The victim alleged that she was beaten up when she requested to remove the pole and not install it near her house.

The victim, who sustained injuries in various parts of her body, is currently being treated at the District Hospital.

Inspector Ram Kumar Lamichhane of the District Police Office informed us that the victim filed a complaint against the accused under the charge of beating at the District Police Office on June 18. The pole has been installed in front of Somkumari’s house following an agreement reached in coordination with the Village Development Committee.

Chairperson Limbu, on the other hand, claimed that Rai initially gave permission for the installation of the pole. However, after its installation, she allegedly attacked the accused with a weapon, which led him to take action in self-defense.
The police have reported that they will investigate the incident and take appropriate action against the accused.

Bhabin Karki