Complaint Filed Against Accused of Death Threats

  March 17, 2023 By: INSEC

Advocate Rajan Chand, 36, of Simkot Rural Municipality-5, Secretary of District BAR Association, has filed a complaint to the district police office on 16 March 2023, against Midi Jagmu Lama, on the charge of death threats.

Advocate Chand and Lama were involved in a land dispute with each other. Chand had filed a criminal case against Lama at the District Court. The District Court verdict ordered Lama to 15 days imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 rupees, and compensation of 80,000 rupees to Advocate Chand.

Advocate Chand said that Lama threatened to kill him on 13 March while he was at the office. He filed a complaint in the district court on the same day and in the district police office on 16 March demanding security against the threats.

DSP Hemlal Bhattarai said that Lama had also filed a complaint with the police accusing Chand of threatening him. According to him, Chand claimed compensation less than five days after the verdict threatened him on his way to the court.  DSP Bhattarai said the case will proceed according to the legal process.

Nanda Singh