Complaint Against Alleged Accused of Domestic Violence

  February 4, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

askala Rokaya, 20, of Birendranagar Municipality-8 Khajura, filed a complaint against her 25-year-old husband, Shiva Budha, on February 4 at the District Police Office alleging that he beat and verbally abused her on the same day.

The victim was injured by her cheek due to the beating. The victim was treated at the provincial hospital on February 4.

The victim alleged that her husband has been repeatedly beating and insulting her.

After the complaint was filed against the accused, both sides will be called, and the further legal process will be initiated, stated Rakshana Bahadur Shahi, DSP of the District Police Office.

Jagatdal Janala BK