Complaint Against Accused of Domestic Violence Registered at Judicial Committee

  April 17, 2023 By: INSEC

Jal Sunar, 24, of Tindhara village located in Simkot Rural Municipality-6, filed a complaint to the Judicial Committee of Simkot Rural Municipality, against her husband Surendra Sunar, 26, accusing him of beating and injuring her on 15 April 2023.

According to the Vice-chairperson of the Rural Municipality,  Sushil Rokaya, the victim, who was three months pregnant during the incident,  filed a verbal complaint regarding the incident that took place on 8 April, the same day. She registered a written complaint on 15 April. The woman’s right hand was broken due to the beating.

The victim confirmed that her treatment is being done at the local level. Sushila Rokaya, vice chairperson of Simkot Rural Municipality and the coordinator of the judicial committee, said that a discussion of two sides will be conducted and action will be taken against the guilty.

Nanda Singh