Complaint Against Accused Of Caste Discrimination

  October 29, 2023 By: INSEC

The aggrieved party filed a complaint against 41-year-old Prameshwar Yadav, Godaita Municipality-11, Sisotiya at the District Police Office in Malangwa on October 29, accusing him of caste discrimination against 36-year-old Rameshwar Ram Chamar from Godaita Municipality-10, Sisotiya.

The victim has made a complaint, alleging that the accused not only engaged in caste discrimination but also practiced untouchability and even resorted to physical assault.

The victim reported that a dispute arose when the accused happened to be passing through on a motorcycle while he was bathing his buffalo on the same road in front of his house.

The victim alleged that during the dispute, the accused used derogatory language, specifically by referring to him as a Dalit. Additionally, he engaged in inhumane practices such as caste discrimination and untouchability, and even physically assaulted the victim.

Dr Nawalkishore Jha has informed that the health examination of the victim was done on October 29 at Sarlahi District Hospital Malangwa.

DSP Dipendra Panjiar Tharu of the District Police Office has informed that a search for the accused is currently underway as the accused has been absconded since the incident.

Budhan Shah