Complaint Against Accused of Beating

  March 12, 2024 By: INSEC

The aggrieved party filed a complaint at Area Police Office on March 10 alleging that 22-year-old Suryakala Kumari Shah of Godaita Rural Municipality-7 was beaten up by her husband Shambhu Kumar Shah, 25, and Mother-in-law Makhaniya Devi Shah, 44.

The 43-year-old mother of the victim, Sangita Devi Shah alleged that the accused subjected her daughter to verbal, physical and mental torture on 2 March. She alleged that the victim was abused in the pretext of dissatisfaction with the dowry provided by her father.

The victim was treated at District Hospital Malangwa from March 3 to 6 March. The victim said that the victim has been living at her parents’ home in Mahottari, Rural Municipality-3 after the treatment.

The victim got married to the accused on 29 April, 2022. The victim said that despite giving cash of 250,000 rupees and furniture, the accused abused her for not bringing gold and silver for additional dowry.

ASI Bishwanath Yadav of the Area Police Office, Godaita informed that the accused are currently absconding.

Budhan Shah