Complaint Against Accused for Practicing Accusation of Alleged Witch

  April 22, 2024 By: INSEC

A complaint was filed against Anikesh Yadav of Barahathawa Municipality-8 on 21 April for the charge of beating 44-year-old Sarika Diwani of the same place accusing her of practicing alleged witchcraft.

The victim filed a complaint against the accused at the Area Police Office alleging that he verbally abused and beat her on April 14 accusing her of practicing witchcraft. She further stated that the accused party threatened her to settle the matter on April 19 following her complaint.

The victim received medical treatment from April 14 to 16 at the Provincial Hospital Malangwa. The victim added that her injuries were rechecked on 21 April.

Inspector Suman Baniya informed that the incident will be thoroughly investigated and actions will be taken against the accused according to law.

Budhan Shah