Committee Formed For Investigation Regarding Bardibas Incident

  November 27, 2020 By: INSEC

The Ministry of Home Affairs has formed a committee on November 26 to investigate the case of police firing during the protest against the murder of a six-year-old girl child in Bardibas.

A three-member investigation committee has been formed under the leadership of the Ministry’s Deputy Secretary.


During the protest, three of the protestors were severely injured by the charged bullet, of whom one of them named Buddhiraj Neupane died.

The ministry said it was in the process of providing relief and compensation to the families of Gulabsa Khatun and Neupane and paying for the treatment of the injured.

The ministry has also pledged to spare no effort in the investigation of the girl’s murder and bring the culprit to the legal frame.

Ajay Kumar Sah