Collection of Yarcha affects studies of students

  May 22, 2017 By: INSEC

The northern parts of the schools of the districts are closed since one month after students are busy with their parents in collecting Yarcha Gumba. Kanda Secondary School, Dhalaun secondary schools are closed since month.

Teacher Gorakh Bohara of Kanda secondary school said that the school was closed after most of the students did not come to the school after being busy on collecting Yarcha.

Most of the schools at northern part of the district are closed for three months in a year as students gets busy with their parents in collecting Yarcha.  Students having a poor financial condition do this job for some earnings. Due to their absenteeism, students get very poor marks in the school exam say teachers.

In this area, children from the age group  10 to the elderly people up to 60 years of age goes for collecting Yarcha.


Prakash BK