Collaborative Team of INSEC, National Human Rights Commission, and Advocacy Forum Monitored District Jail in Bardiya

  May 15, 2024 By: INSEC

A collaborative team of  INSEC, National Human Rights Commission, and Advocacy Forum Monitored the Bardiya District Jail on 14 May.

The monitoring revealed that the overcrowding in the district jail has created problems and discomforts for the prisoners and detainees.

Chief Kashi Prasad Pangeni of the Bardiya Jail said that the jail currently holds 451 people including 305 prisoners, 143 detainees and three children. Out of which 51 are in women’s prison and 397 are in men’s prison. Pangeni added that the capacity of Bardiya jail is to hold 125 men and 25 women. However, it is holding three times more inmates which has led to various problems.

Naike (leader) Khusiram Chaudhary of the District Jail said that prisoners and detainees have to face problems, including struggling to sleep due to limited space, congested kitchens, insufficient clean water, and a lack of physical exercise. He highlighted that despite the Constitution of Nepal mentioning jails as correctional homes, this is not implemented in practice. Even the minimum requirements of human rights are not being met inside the Jail, as there is a problem of drinking water, lack of timely medical treatment, and a shortage of playgrounds for recreational activities. He further urged the monitoring team to take necessary steps to provide legal assistance to innocent individuals in the  jail.

Similarly, the female Naike (leader) Reshma Khan said that the jail regularly provides necessary medicines. However, due to having only one designated health worker post, inmates face challenges in accessing health check ups.

Likewise Dwarika Adhikari, the Chief of the National Human Rights Commission, Nepalgunj Branch assured that the issues faced by the inmates will be brought to the attention of the relevant agencies.

Advocate Basanta Gautam, the Coordinator of Advocacy Forum, Lumbini Province Office, highlighted that the implementation of the rights relating to food and housing provided by the fundamental rights of the Constitution of Nepal, has not been ensured for all citizens. He emphasized that many citizens have been unable to access nutritious food.

Prabhat Kumar Thakuri, Central Member of the Social Forum of the Human Rights Council mentioned that various skill-based training programs in the Jail  would help the inmates for income generation.

Saraswati Malla, the program officer of INSEC Lumbini Province Office, stated that the monitoring was conducted to know about the situation of  human rights of the inmates and detainees in the district jail. She highlighted that INSEC has been conducting such monitoring for a long time and additionally worked on bringing attention of the relevant agencies for necessary improvements.

Similarly, the team also monitored the custody of the District Police Office. SP Prabin Dhital of the District Police Office said that the police office is currently holding 26 detainees in custody.

Prakash Poudel