Clean Election Essential for Good Governance and Human Rights

  May 30, 2017 By: INSEC

CCCE Secretariat and INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel highlighted the importance of election for good governance and Human Rights.

While speaking at the program on Ghorahi organized by CCCE on May 30, Pyakurel said that for the realization of good governance and human rights, the citizens must be able to cast their vote in fearless environment.


Citizens were compelled to face corruption, irregularities and many other problem due to the local level being vacant for almost two decades. He added that this local level will provide good governance.

This election is not same as previous election, but this this is the election to establish leadership, he added. This election is election which will solve daily problem of citizens.

This local level can even make local laws and for this will establish citizen’s rights said Pyakyrel.


He said that the health, education, agriculture, driking water and other issues of development will be operated from local level that is why selecting the representative must be in fearless environment. He stressed that only capable, disciplined and honest person can ensure human rights of the people and for this voter’s education is essential. Pyakurel said that the number of void votes increases if the voter’s could not be given education.

While speaking at the program, CCCE co-chairperson and HURON chairman Indra Prasad Aryal said that support from political party is equally important for the successful operation of election.

He added that to institutionalize the democracy, election is important.

Commitment to make election clean

Meanwhile, speaking at the program the active political parties of the district have shown their commitment of making election clean, fair and in fearless environment. Bam Bahadur DC of Nepali Congress, Punam Sherpali of Maoist Centre, Naresh Jung Rana of RPP, Resham BC of RaJaMo and Kul Bahadur Gharti of Democratic Party have committed to make the election successful.

Discussion with Chief Election Officer

A team of CCCE co-chair and INSEC chair Subodh Raj Pyakurel, Co-chair of CCCE Indra Aryal, INSEC regional coordinator Bhola Mahat met with chief election officer Churaman of the district and gathered the information about the preparation of election. The officer Khadka said that there are no serious security threat in the district and all 10 local levels, election office has been established.


On the occasion, Pyakurel recommended that efficient employee, technical expertise and one door system for the flow of information is essential.


J.N Sagar