Classes Halted in the Regions Affected by Flood

  September 29, 2022 By: INSEC

Classes of the schools in Bhajani Municipality region have been halted for over a week, after suffering infrastructural damage as a result of a flood in the area. The regular activities of schools in the region were affected after the schools were deluged by incessant rainfall from September 17, 2020.

According to Pankha Bahadur Shah, Head of Education Branch of Bahjani Municipality, the flood has destroyed most schools’ teachers’ manuals, academic documents, educational materials, storage drawers, electronic equipment, and computers forcing schools to halt their activities. Some schools are being used as a refuge by those displaced by flood, whereas in some schools students and teachers have already initiated cleaning the waterlogged buildings. 

According to Shah, this municipality has a total of 54 schools, 39 Institutional and 25 Private Schools. Among these schools, Ganeshman Secondary School, Karmeshwor Basic Schools, Kalika Basic School, Krishna Dwaj Secondary School, and Janajagrit Secondary schools are the ones that have been considerably damaged by the flood.

Information officer of Bhajini Municipality, Chandra Dev Bhatta, informed about the operating Care Centres, with adequate health precautions. These centres, formed with the help of various organizations, have been providing health and treatment facilities, consultation services, and food aid to senior citizens, pregnant women, women in the postpartum period, the disabled, and children among the displaced.

Bhatta says, “ We have requested the principals of the affected schools to send us the description of the damage. We will execute a plan after we receive a complete physical description.” 

According to Kasturiya Chaudary, a local from the municipality, the locals have been using the school as a refuge from the flood, and the schools can’t resume their activities until the situation returns to normal. 

In total eleven thousand three hundred and ninety-four households of Kailali have been affected by the flood. With seven thousand seventy-six households affected, Bhajni Municipality has the highest number of households displaced by the flood. 

Information Officer of District Administration Office, Kailai, Joshi, reported two deaths and 66 injured as a result of the flood.

Mainamoti Chaudhary