Clash During the Demolition of Squatter Settlement

  November 28, 2022 By: INSEC

During the demolition of houses in Thapathali, a squatter settlement located in Kathmandu Metropolitan City 11, there was a clash between the security personnel of the metropolitan police and the locals on the afternoon of November 28, 2022.

Fourteen people including metropolitan police chief Raju Pandey and Sharmila Bogati were injured.

Three people who suffered serious head injuries in the clash are being treated at Norvic Hospital in Thapathali.

Meanwhile, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has said that it has disclosed the names of those who attacked the metropolitan police while removing the unauthorized structure and has written to the Police Range Teku for legal action.

Nabin Manandhar, spokesperson of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, issued a press statement about the incident, saying, “Policemen, including the head of the Metropolitan Police Force, were injured while going to demolish the unauthorized structure built by encroaching on public land on the Bagmati shore at the request of the empowered Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee.” It is mentioned that three policemen including her are being treated in the ICU in Norvic Hospital because they took Sharmila Bogati, a metropolitan police officer, and seriously injured her.

Similarly, in the statement, it has been requested to take legal action against those involved in the incident, saying that it is tragic to attack the police in the line of duty.

Meanwhile, Mayor Balen Shah and Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol reached Norvic Hospital and inquired about the health status of the injured.

INSEC Bagmati Provinc Office, Hetauda