Clash Between Protestors and Police; One Died and One Injured

  June 6, 2022 By: INSEC

Nabina Chaudhary, 20, of Sonaha in Madhuwan Municipality-2 has been shot dead and Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary, 22, of the same place has been injured by the bullet fired by the police during a protest.

According to Kaluram Chaudhary, an eyewitness to the incident, injured Chaudhary was taken to Nepalgunj for further treatment after his primary treatment at a local dispensary.

Sushmita Tharu, 40, of Sonaha in Madhuwan Municipality-2 was attacked by a tiger while she was working in a field on June 6 and locals were protesting against the incident. Meanwhile, police air fired to control the protest. The protesters blocked the road all day, demanding that the government provide free medical treatment to the injured, control the man-eating tigers and protect the citizens.

Though the two sides agreed to remove the obstruction in the discussion in the evening, there was a sudden tension between the protesters and the police. One person was killed and another was injured when police opened fire after protesters pelted stones at them.

Eyewitness Kaluram Chaudhary said that the dead body was taken under police control.

Inspector Hridesh Kumar Sapkota of the District Police Office said that one person was killed in a clash between police and protesters however, he said that the cause of death could be ascertained only after the post-mortem report.

Manbahaur Chaudhary