Clash Between Protesters and Police in Front of District Court

  June 21, 2023 By: INSEC

A clash occurred in front of the district court on June 20, between protesters and the police demanding action against the accused in the killing of Artikumari Sah, 22, permanent residency Mithila Bihari Municipality-3 Mithileshwar Mauwahi and resident Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan Municipality-9 Thapa Chowk.


The victim alleges that Aartikumari Sah was killed by her family members on May 21, due to her dowry. The victim’s family(maternal home) staged a demonstration in front of the court and pelted stones at the court premises accusing police of protecting the accused involved in the incident.

There was also a clash with the police. During the clashes, four people were injured when the police resorted to baton charges.

The injured are Leela Devi,32, Ladobati Devi, 33, Krishna Sah, 31, and Praveen Sah,36, of Nagarain Municipality-8 Khirkhiriya. The police arrested Gobind Sah,37.

The associated party told that the injured are being treated at the Provincial Hospital, Janakpur.

The victims staged a demonstration demanding a fair investigation of the incident and action against the culprits. Instead of giving justice to the victim, the victim is accused of beating the police.

Therefore, the protesting victims have put six demands, including that the SP, DSP, District Attorney of the district police office, and the doctor involved in the post-mortem should be investigated, and the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police should investigate the murder of Aarti.

The families of the victims, including the father and mother of the deceased, are in a sit-in protest in Kathmandu since June 17, demanding justice and action against the accused in the murder case.

Ajay Kumar Sah