Clash Between Cadres of CPN-UML and Alliance, An Eight Year Old Injured

  May 5, 2022 By: INSEC

In a clash between the cadres of CPN-UML and alliance in Budhichaur of Sarumarani Rural

The injured ones have been identified as Tana Bahadur Gharti, 44, Nishakh Pun, 34, Asimaya Raut, 32, Laxmi Maya Pun, 40, Hira Bahadur Pun, 46, Tilak Bahadur Rana, 39, Lal Bahadur Roka, 23, and Tilak BK, 40, Man Bahadur Pun, 34, Drona Bahadur BK, 40, and Um Bahadur BK, 35, of the same place are representing the CPN-UML representing the alliance from of Sarumarani Rural Municipality-6, said Inspector Sushil Thapa of the District Police Office.

According to CPN-UML Sarumarani Rural Municipality’s Chairperson Basanta GC, the cadres attacked the venue of the program. Inspector Sushil Thapa, from the alliance, has accused the CPN-UML cadres of attacking their candidates and their cadres.

Hira Bahadur Pun, Tilak Bahadur Rana and others have returned home after treatment at Badda Health Post.

The condition of the incident site is normal, said Inspector Sushil Thapa of the District Police Office.

Rabindra Pandey