Citizenships with Derogatory Names Corrected

  August 23, 2022 By: INSEC

The District Administration Office has corrected the names of 63-year-old Kabiram Kami of Bhagwatimai Rural Municipality-3 Meheltoli and 44-year-old Karna Bahadur BK of the Bhagwatimai Rural Municipality-5 Katti, whose names were written in derogatory forms in their citizenship

Kabiram Kami received his citizenship on May 20, 1989, and his name was mentioned as ‘Kukur Kami’ likewise, Karna Bahadur received his citizenship on April 2, 2000, and his name was mentioned as ‘Thage Kami’.

After the investigative news of INSEC was published two weeks ago that the citizenship bearer and his family members felt embarrassed, the name was corrected by the District Administration Office, Dailekh, following the circular issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs to correct such derogatory names.

After INSEC’s fellowship news was published on August 2, 2022, it was discussed in the national media, and on August 8, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a circular to correct the citizenship certificates issued by various District Administration Offices by using derogatory words in the name.

The next day after the circular was issued, Kabiram applied to the District Administration Office for a copy of the new citizenship on August 9 after correcting the offending name. Like Kabiram, Karna Bahadur also applied for corrected citizenship on August 15 at the District Administration Office, Dailekh.

Karna Bahadur had gone to submit an application for correction in the name and Hari Pyakurel, the Chief District Officer of Dailekh tampered with the application form saying that the new name could be given from ‘Th’. After the local media covered this issue, the topic was also discussed in the parliament and pressure was built for further correction.

Chief District Officer of Dailekh, Hari Pyakurel, said that Kabiram Kami and Karna Bahadur BK were given a copy of their corrected citizenship after the process was carried out according to the circular of the Home Office. He informed that those who come to correct their names will be given copies in the same way.

Bishal Sunar, the coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders Network, responded that those who came to correct the derogatory names after Kabiram and Karna Bahadur, should be provided with a copy of the citizenship through an easier process. Coordinator Sunar suggests that the local levels should also be ready to correct such insulting names.

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Amar Sunar